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Cubicle Curtain Systems

Cubicle Curtain Systems

Fixed Cubicle Curtain

Door Surround Systems

The Door Surround offers privacy similar to conventional ceiling mounted tracks.  Additional benefits and features include allowing the tracks to be installed without concern for ceiling lights, fire sprinklers and A/C vents.

Door Surround

Patient Bed Systems

The Patient Bed System can be placed around a bed or beds using a U-shaped or L-shaped design. Because the tracks are not ceiling mounted, the tracks and curtains can be placed to offer greatest privacy and function.

Patient Bed

Common Area Systems

PRVC track system can be used in areas such as Phlebotomy, Pre-Op, Post-Op, Emergency

CommonArea1 (1).jpg
Common Area

Patient-Lift Cubicle Curtain Conflict Systems

Curtain Conflict

Trolley System

The Trolley System allows patient lift systems to enter the patient area unencumbered by privacy tracks. This system is used primarily when XYZ lift systems are used in a facility. The Trolley System moves from its position clearing the way for the lift to enter the area. This system gives 100% privacy for the patient and allows the lift to travel freely to any area of the room.


Gate System

The Gate system allows a lift to travel from outside the bed area to inside the area covered by privacy tracks and curtains. This is accomplished by using a hinged gate on the privacy track that opens, allowing the lift to move in and out of the bed area freely. Both the patient being moved and any other patients in the room maintain complete privacy.

Swing Arm Curtain System

The PRVC Swing Arm System solves the issues around doors, multi bed patient rooms and common areas when patient lifts are being utilizes. The PRVC Swing Arms replaces the old inefficient ceiling mounted cubicle track system.

Swing Arm
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